2 Bear videos - Dinner and a swim

in #nature2 months ago

So we found out it was not a Bear getting into our trash.... It was 2 Bears! They had a nice leisurely 20-30 minute dinner and then went for a swim last night. The one was like looking up into our front windows after his dip. Not too keen on that. btw for size estimates, these are the extra super large trash containers with wheels. Anyone know a good hide tanner? Be sure to click the link for 2nd video of him looking into the house.

Hello in there!

My wife Des is a little freaked out. lol. I love it of course. Still hoping to get some nice daytime pics.


Oh! They are a bit bigger than raccoons! Are your fish safe?

Yes they are! So far the fish are hiding from them effectively, still small enough to hide under the rocks. Another year growth, they may have to swim faster!

I just went out to water my plants. It's dark and finally cool enough and after watching your video my first thought was bears, when I heard a noise back in the woods! Pretty sure there haven't been bears in my woods in 100 years! 😂

Well, be careful out there. We had only seen one twice in 7 years living here. But now that cameras are up they seem to be out there at least 2-3 times a week! Who knew?

That is wild! What a surprise to see what happens after dark! 😳 We don't have enough woodland left to sustain them.

O'boy... Maybe setting two more places at the dinner table will help...Stay safe...

Or maybe a pic-a-nic basket? lol

PICNIC basket in a cage on a truck Heading north..

Nothing like a quick dip after a meal...I hope they waited the appropriate amount of time before swimming so they didn't get a cramp!

P.s. I hope you left them some dessert too!

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I just learned that a mountain lion has been sighted 3 times this summer just 15 miles down river from me! Who knows what's out in the woods! 😳

Nice! We have those in our neighborhood as well. Several folks have caught them on their Security Cams, and just a few pics. I haven't got to see one of those in real life or my cams yet, but would love to.