The aftermath of NBA free agency

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Wow. What else is there to say? I'm 32 years old and have followed NBA my whole life (However from 16-26/27 ish was very limited) but my beloved Kentucky wild cats got me back into following with the likes of Anybody Davis, Boogie Cousins, John Wall, Jamal Murray, KAT... Should I keep going? You get the point I'll stop there.

So, they got my attention back to the league and the wildness and craziness of the NBA has captivated my undivided attention. Actually, I'm not sure how I could make it through work without pretending to do something while really looking up stats/scores etc (hope my boss doesn't see this.) I'm gonna name my 5 biggest surprise of the FA and name why.

  1. Kawhi Leonard. Can I honestly say what the actual fuck went on here? Are we gonna ignore how ESPN and all other "sources" ruled out Kawhi to clippers? Pretty much banked on him to LA with Toronto having slight odds? Are we gonna ignore he was playing everyone all this time? I guess you could say he got the last laugh... HA HA HA ( Kawhi voice)

  2. Paul George. We all kinda seen the demise of PG and Westbrook in the playoffs. I'm not as big of a hater as some on Westbrook but it's obvious at this point other superstars prefer not to play with his erratic and obsessive behavior. With that being said, what the hell just happened to OKC? I mean sure, PG wants a trade get something valuable out of him which I felt like it was an OK trade since PG was heading out anyways. I love PG and he's a true feel good story but shit man, gonna play a year with Russ, tell him you're all in and re-sign then less than a year later demand a trade? When are they gonna stop letting the players wine and bitch until they get what they want?

  3. Brooklyn Nets. KD and Kyrie teaming up? No surprise there, them teaming up in Brooklyn with young talent and DLO? Okay let's see how this plays out even though I was stunned to see them in Brooklyn. What a three headed monster DLo, KD and Kyrie is. BUT WAIT then you sign and trade DLO to Golden State? LOL either way with that young talent around two championship players catapults them into top east contender after 3 years ago being the laughing stock of the league. Good for them.

  4. Russ Westbrook. So now that you have an MVP that left you and a MVP candidate that left you because of your erratic and compulsive behavior you're gonna team up with a former teammate that came off the bench and didn't get in your way to now a former MVP who's very ball dominant like yourself and even though both are triple double machines who's gonna alpha male the other and sacrafice their own stat padding self? THIS should be fun..

  5. Phoenix suns. Do you really just not want to even try and compete? That's all.

Let me know what you think with a comment below! Honorable mentions/what would your five be and why. I love to discuss sports!

Thanks for reading everyone, my goal is to write about something if not daily at least 3/4 a week. I am also a huge fan of soccer/futbol (mainly premier league) but also UFC and several other sports. I would love to converse and get your opinions on what to discuss or write about next!

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I'd include AD/Cousins coming back together. If that Lakers team stays healthy then things could get interesting there.

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