Boston Celtics Handed The Los Angeles Lakers’ Its Ninth Loss Of The Season

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Today the Los Angeles Lakers continued their road game and this time around they visited the Boston Celtics. Boston Celtics defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, 139-107. Jayson Tatum recorded 27 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists for the Celtics, while Kemba Walker added 20 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists. It is interesting to note that Kemba Walker finally notch his first win over LeBron James, it took 29 games and 9 seasons - 8 of which is during his time in Charlotte Hornets. As for the losing team, LeBron James tallied 15 points, 7 rebounds and 13 assists for the Los Angeles Lakers. Anyways congratulations to the Celtics for this much needed win and for the fans of Lakers like me, no need to have some unnecessary reasons and it is just normal to lose a game.


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