Despite Derrick Rose’s Impressive Performance The Pistons Couldn’t Defeat The Wizards

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Today the Washington Wizards defeated the Detroit Pistons, 106-100. For the winning team, Bradley Beal led and scored a game-high 29 points, along with his 6 assists. While for the losing team, Derrick Rose tallied 21 points for the Pistons in the losing effort, his 9th consecutive 20 plus point game. Bradley Beal’s decision to stay with the Washington Wizards is really inspiring and I hope he doesn’t his decision and would exhibit loyalty in this era wherein lots of players are jumping from team to other teams all for the elusive NBA Championship Ring. Anyways, congratulations for the Washington Wizards for this much needed win. Let me, talk about Derrick Rose, let us appreciate the numbers that the former NBA MVP has been putting up during his past games wherein he surpassed his performances during his MVP Season. I just hope the Derrick Rose doesn’t get injured once again and hopefully he will be traded to a good team that can contend for the playoffs like Los Angeles Lakers. Derrick Rose’s comeback is very impressive and I think he deserves to win an NBA Championship. During the early stage of his career prior to his string of disappointing injuries, he was so good and many fans are in awe especially the Chicago Bulls fans. Lastly, I do believe in redemption and soon enough Rose is going to harvest what he has been hardworking despite unpleasant moments in his career.


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