Los Angeles Lakers Wins Their Home Game Against The Visiting Minnesota Timberwolves

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The Los Angeles Lakers returned to the Staples Center today to host a game against the visiting Minnesota Timberwolves. Anthony Davis recorded a season-high 50 points along with 7 rebounds, and 6 assists, giving him his 4th 50-point game of his career as the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves to 142-125 tonight in Los Angeles. LeBron James scored 32 points and 13 assists, as Anthony Davis and LeBron James combined for 82 points in the victory. Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins each scored 19 points for the Minnesota Timberwolves . Anthony Davis is really good, I didn’t notice until now that he can easily knock down midrange jumpers at a high percentage. Additionally, we can clearly see the chemistry and trust between these two superstars of this Lakers team, they make long passes especially LeBron which in turn results for an issue dos by Davis. Additionally, one of the highlights I like for this game is when LeBron posterizes one of the defenders of Minnesota Timberwolves. The Lakers bench went wild and hype and so as the Lakers fans that fill the Staples Center and witness the Lakers as they improved to 21-3 win-loss record. After this ball game, the Los Angeles Lakers will start their series of road games to visit great teams in the East.


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