NBA TAKEAWAYS #11 | Jimmy is already recruiting Joel Embiid?image/svg+xml

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Jimmy Butler is already recruiting Joel Embiid for the 2020 offseason and then 2021 future NBA season. Here's the deal so fans right now in Philadelphia are frustrated with the current state of the 76ers they have two superstars with Embiid and Ben Simmons and yet they seem very ill prepared for a deep playoff run in the Eastern Conference.

It feels like no one is gonna pick the 76ers to be successful in the Eastern Conference and a lot of that is stemming from Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid not being a fit together that they've never really fit together because Simmons can't shoot and Embiid has been injured most of his career since he started playing in the nba.

If you remember Jimmy Butler was a 76er not too long ago he's trying to get Embiid and it feels like down to Miami with the heat to put on the villain mash it's like LeBron James did and trying to rule the Eastern Conference side-by-side.

If he wants a trade this offseason so first off there's no point in trying to think about for signing Joel because he just signed 148 million dollar extension until 2023 so he would have to be traded for the Heat to get their hands on the process, literally “The Process” as it is Embiid’s monicker.

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