Where will Giannis sign in 2021 free agency?

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Giannis Antetokounmpo where he could be going in the 2021 free agency a lot of very interesting stuff here go ahead and jump right in. Giannis potentially signing with the Bucks a year earlier the deal is he is a free agent in 2021, he's the cream of the crop and free agents in 2021 for sure.

Milwaukee is panicking a little bit because they don't want him to go to free agency and potentially leave and go somewhere else so multiple GM's spoke to. I believe this SB Nation and mention that they are expecting Giannis to sign at the end of this year a year early that way he stays with the Bucks.

The Bucks will try and lock him up long term he's the best free agent in 2021 and yet there's a lot of really good free agents look at 2021. It has LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Victor Oladipo, Paul George and a lot more you gotta realize though it's a couple of years from now it's two years from now so Kawhi LeBron and Oladipo are a little bit older including Paul George as well.

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Giannis being as young as he is and being as dominant as he is it's gonna be the odds-on number one target for everybody this offseason there's a lot of teams that are already gearing up their cap space the way they have the most available free cap space the summer of 2021.

And so the Bucks now are sitting here going lately a second why are we gonna let Giannis even touch free agency because if the Bucks let Giannis to go to free agency, he might go to the Lakers, the heat and even the Knicks like anyone could try and woo him in free agency whoever has the best package could eventually get him.

The Bucks are interested according to multiple reports and signing him this coming year that way they lock him up and don't even worry about 2021 now it'll cost the Bucks right obviously their game with Supermax it'll be the most expensive contract they could possibly give out more expensive than if they waited till 2021.