NBA FINALS // Who ll go to NBA final ?

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This week gonna be tight fight for each conference final .

At Western block , Suns has lead series 1-0 with 120 - 114 to Clippers. While in Eastern block Hawks will have their first series with Bucks in 24/6/2021.

Lets predict , who will proceed to NBA finals this year.

This is my prediction : Hawks fight Suns at the final
Hawks (4-3) vs Bucks (3-4) while Clippers (2-4) vs Suns (4-2) for each conf. series result.

Let's see if i got enough luck to get it right . Cheers.


We'll see, I think the Bucks have a much better team than the Hawks, though I said this about the Sixers as well.

All the finalists fight tight match so far