Expanding my NBA sports cards collection featuring Damian Lillard and Ben Simmons

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Now back in early June I showcased 5 cards from my PC in one of my earlier Wolfgang Sport youtube videos.

I showcased five of my favorite cards from my PC at the time, all of them rookie cards :-

• Collin Sexton Noir Spotlight Signatures numbers 84/99

• Luka Doncic base Prizm

• Rui Hachimura Prizm auto

• A quad auto of Aaron Fox, Johnathan Isaac, Lauri Markkanen and Frank Ntilikina and ;

• A Ja Morant rookie Net Marvel

Fast forward a month to July and I’ve still got all those cards but my collection has expanded to even more cards now in my PC.

I just can’t stop buying cards!

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Check out the video below where I showcase 5 of my current favorite cards from my PC.

Headlined by Damian Lillard and Ben Simmons, these cards I believe are underrated and there’s so much growth potential.

As an Aussie, Ben Simmons was one I had to have in my PC but just imagine the growth in his cards if he can become an MVP or if the 76ers can win a championship, which they’re very capable of doing.

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With Lillard, I’m a big fan and he’s just all culture.

He raps by the name of DAME DOLLA if you didn’t know and he will be the cover athlete for 2k21 and will also feature in Space Jam 2 next year.

Anyway check out the video below and stay tuned for more videos as I expand my PC.


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Hey, just stumbled across this post and wanted to let you know that there is a sports card community here on hive now, you should check it out :)