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Robert Covington lacks the fundamentals on the defensive end. He’s inconsistent against elite competition and he lacks passiveness on the court – Covington’s pre-draft assessment by DraftExpress. A typical assessment for a non-recruit out of high school and an undrafted player out of college.

Lord Covington as he’s known to many, has since developed himself into a ‘Jack of all trades’ in the NBA. His versatility as a defender with his solid footwork and spatial understanding is beastly when combined with his 7’2” wingspan and 6’7” height.

Snatched up by the Rockets after going undrafted in 2013 from right under the 76ers nose, he was used in only seven games in his rookie season on a two-way contract.

Plying his trade in the G-League at the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, he was waived at the end of the season only for the 76ers to then pick him up on a 4-year contract worth a measly $4.5m.

Covington has since proved himself to become one of the greatest undrafted signings in history evident by the 76ers seeing him worthy of another 4-year contract this time for $62m.

“I took the opportunity ahead of me, just like any other opportunity I’ve had, and I ran with it,” Covington said. “I wasn’t given anything. I had to go out and do whatever it took to get to this point”.

Now back at the Rockets following a trade from Minnesota, he’ll add immense value to a team spearheaded by Harden and Westbrook and filling a positional need at the wing.

He is an exceptional role player and complementary piece around franchise superstars, perfect for a title contender. He’s also an elite defender named to the 2018 NBA All-Defensive First Team.

Covington was a key part of ‘The Process’, the 76ers rebuild. He got used to losing as a key part of Philadelphia’s 2015-16 10-72 (.122) team which included the longest losing streak in American professional sports history – 27 straight losses.

The experience has only driven Covington into the player he has become today. “We didn’t win a lot of games, but it made us mentally stronger. We still went out and fought hard.”

Can Covington become the X factor for the Rockets on their quest for a third NBA championship?

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