NCAA Men's Basektball Top 25 Recap 2/13/2020

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Talk about an exciting night in college basketball. Yet another instance where I should have put money on a game or two but I didn't. Check out that Creighton over Seton Hall score! I really thought Xavier had a shot against Butler too. At least they kept it close.

Alabama took Auburn into overtime but the Tigers pulled out the victory. Congrats Crimson Tide for making them work for it!

How about that Georgia Tech over Louisville win. Talk about an upset! On top of that, take a look at the Marquette/Villanova game. Taking it down to the wire and eeking out the win by one point. What a game!

There are only two top 25 games tonight. Both of them could go either way I t](hink. Iowa at Indiana could be an upset, especially given the way the Hoosiers have been able to play at times this season.

Colorado at Oregon could go either way as well. With only two games, there is really no reason not to watch some basketball tonight.


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