NCAA Men's Basketball Top 20 Recap 2/14/2020

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Let's dig in as I spread the college basketball love. There were only two games last night for the top 25 teams. This is getting to be an old story, but as you can see, I totally should have put some money on the Iowa/Indiana game.

There is something about playing on the road this year that has left a lot of teams in the lurch. I think it would take more than two hands to count the number of away games that ranked teams have dropped this year. Looking at the score, this one wasn't even close!

Meanwhile, Colorado and Oregon looks like it was a pretty decent game. It is going to be really interesting to see the records of the top seeded teams by the time we get to the tournament. Right now San Diego State is still the only team with a perfect record. The sad thing is, they may not even be a number 1 seed in their section of the bracket. I wouldn't be shocked if we see some teams with as many as five losses as a number 1 seed.

No top 25 games on tonight and nineteen games on Saturday along with four top 25 games on Sunday.

There is no doubt I will be watching #9 Maryland at Michigan State tomorrow. The Spartans really need some kind of win streak going into the Big 10 tournament to help them gain some momentum. I am afraid another loss at this point might be the begging of the end for their season.

LSU at Alabama has the makings of an upset. With the Tigers balancing on the edge of the top 25, it wouldn't be surprising to see the Tide knock them out. Especially since it is a home game for Bama.

Other notable games to watch include the West Virginia/Baylor game as well as Illinois/Rutgers, that one has the makings of an upset as well.

Speaking of upsets, you might want to check out the Houston/SMU game if it is available in your area. I wouldn't be shocked if I checked the scores on Saturday and found that contest ending in the Mustangs favor.

The games on Sunday don't look that exciting, but I won't complain if I am proven wrong! I love a good upset!


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