NCAA Men's Basketball Top 25 Recap 2/20/2020

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Is anyone still reading this? Just checking! I haven't been getting many comments on these lately, so I hope they are still relevant to people.

Talk about an exciting night. I don't think any of the upsets happened that I thought would, but one of them was pretty close. Check out that Butler/Seton Hall game. I told you it was going to be good. Butler was so close to pulling off the upset on the road! This is why I love college basketball!

The Syracuse/Louisville game wasn't anywhere near as close as I thought it would be. Even though they are only ranked 11 in the country, I wouldn't be surprised to see Louisville as a #2 seed in the tournament. Barring any massive break downs of course.

Two huge upsets to talk about. Check out that Auburn/Georgia score. It wasn't even close towards the end. I don't personally have anything against Auburn, but I do love a good upset.

Speaking of good upsets. Look at that Duke/North Carolina State score! Way to show the Blue Devils who owns your house Wolfpack! I wish I could have watched that game. I personally can't stand Duke and any chance to see them get decimated is a great thing! Absolutely fantastic!

Six top 25 games happening tonight. Somehow Ohio State clawed their way back into the top 25. Who would have guessed. Personally, I hope that Iowa shows them they really don't belong there.

Oregon at Arizona State could be a good game. The Sun Devils were looking pretty good early in the season and at 17-8 they don't have a horrible record concerning how things have been going for pretty much every team this year. That game could be an upset in the making.

The USC/Colorado game might be one to watch as well.

Personally, I will probably be keeping an eye on unranked Michigan State vs. Nebraska. The Spartans really need to pick up a win to keep their hopes alive at this point. If they don't put together some kind of run they probably won't even make the tournament. That would be a pretty sad day.


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Hey Bozz,

Just checking in here as an NC State Wolfpack alum! It's always great to see my team pull off a big win out of nowhere, especially with the mediocre season we've had (along with the majority of the ACC teams).

The highlight reel is fun to watch, so if you are interested in watching Duke play really lazily and seeing some fantastic offense from Markell Johnson, our point guard, here it is:

I didn't stay up to see the end of the game, but I enjoyed watching the highlights yesterday morning. Brought joy to my heart (and also to my grandmother, who did stay up to watch it and was overjoyed since she's a UNC fan. haha)

I am always up for watching Duke get humiliated! :)

I read it mate and i hope you keep doing it. I just don't comment because there really isn't much of an avenue for dialogue in here (well, i mean that's what I think.) I am happy you do it though and hope you continue because I don't have time to watch all the games and appreciate your recaps.

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