NCAA Men's Basketball Top 25 Recap 2/21/2020

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Pretty good night in college basketball last night. First of all, it doesn't pertain to the top 25, but my Michigan State Spartans were finally able to get a win again. It was a road win at that, so that is a good sign. Sure, it was against Nebraska who has definitely struggled all season, but I am going to consider it a boost to morale for MSU. They pretty much destroyed them...

Lot's of excitement happening in the top 25, Ohio State proves that they probably didn't really belong there with a loss to #20 Iowa.

I totally should have put money down on the Oregon/Arizona State game. Check my post from yesterday to see just how well I called that one.

Likewise, USC almost pulled out the win over Colorado to get the upset. I had a feeling that would be a close game! Everything else happened pretty much the way you would expect. There are still a number of teams with only a handful of loses this season. Which is pretty surprising given how things have been going.

No top 25 games on tonight, but 15 on tap for Saturday and 4 lined up for Sunday.

Key games to watch in my opinion:

Kansas/Baylor should be a good game. Two top five teams battling is always exciting!

Providence could snag an upset from Marquette. That might be a good game to flip to ever now and then during the previously mentioned game.

After those games, I would recommend the Villanova/Xavier game. That could be a potential upset as well.

In the evening assuming you aren't all basketball'd out, the Florida/Kentucky game could be close. Additionally, Oregon could struggle with the other team from Arizona.

On Sunday, Penn State/Indiana could be a good game. I would also recommend the Butler/Creighton game. That has the potential to be a really close match-up and could go either way.

Finally, if you want a good laugh, Maryland should give Ohio State a pretty good smack down at home.


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