NCAA Men's Basketball Top 25 Recap 2/25/2020

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If you aren't excited for March you either don't have a pulse or you can't stand basketball. Those are just the facts plain and simple. This has been such an awesome college basketball season. Ups and downs, upsets, spoilers, clutch victories, and we haven't even gotten to the tournament yet!

Three games played by the top 25 last night. I think it was four, but one of the teams must have dropped out of the top tier. I really thought the Louisville/Florida State game would have been closer, but apparently the Seminoles really wanted to show off at home.

How about those Longhorns upsetting #20 West Virginia though? Pretty awesome!

Finally, we have a new #1 and Kansas easily beat Oklahoma State.

Eight games are on tap for tonight. The most exciting news for me about the games is the fact that Michigan State has found their way back into the top 25. Sitting at #24 they will really need to play strong through the end of the season to stay up there. Tonight could be a tough home matchup against #18 Iowa.

San Diego State only dropped down one spot from #4 to #5 after their first loss of the season. It should be an easy rebound victory for them against Colorado State tonight.

If you had to watch one other game tonight, I would probably recommend the Texas Tech/Oklahoma game. That has the makings of an upset, but I have been wrong before...


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Looks like a dominating victory for Kansas, I have been a follower of March Madness and college hoops couple of years ago, but now I mostly write NBA articles so I will follow college basketball through your posts instead

jeez Texas... where did you come from? Are most seasons this way? I haven't watched in a while but it seems really topsy turvey this year.... if that is even something people say anymore.

No, most seasons are not this crazy. I think in the first five weeks there were four different teams in the #1 spot. I was talking to my brother in law and I asked him if the teams were just that even this year or if the ranking system sucked and he said the teams are really even. I have heard speculation that part of it is because the good players leave after a year to go to the NBA. It doesn't allow a single team to grow and dominate.