NCAA Men's Basketball Top 25 Recap 2/27/2020 A little breather

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No upsets last night in top 25 play but two teams sure tried. These were some pretty fantastic games. Take a look at the scores of the two Big 10 games. Both of them decided by one point.

I was watching the Rutgers/Penn State game and for most of the first half it was pretty much dominated by Penn State. I was afraid that my prediction of this being a good game was going to end up being false.

I am happy to see that I was not mistaken. Sure, it wasn't the upset that I potentially thought was going to happen, but taking it right down to the wire is still one heck of a game.

Well done Rutgers and Minnesota for putting in the effort and playing till the last buzzer.

Tonight there are some pretty decent games on. I take pretty big offense to U of M being ranked higher than Michigan State, but hopefully Wisconsin can put them in their place tonight and prove that they are over-rated. It will be hard since Michigan is playing at home.

Ohio State should have a pretty easy time with Nebraska and most of the other games will probably go about the way you would expect based on the rankings and the team records.

If I had to pick one game to watch tonight, it would probably be the Wisconsin/Michigan game.



maybe no upsets but those last two were a lot closer than I suppose the top-20 teams would like them to be for sure !

Indeed. Like I said, Penn State was dominating the game early, so I was quite surprised!