NCAA Men's Basketball Top 25 Recap 3/3/2020

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Only two games last night, so not a ton to talk about. Pretty soon we will be into the tournament and things will really slow down for a little bit here. That is if you are still even reading this. There was more action regarding the Steem blockchain yesterday than there was on the court.

As I expected, Duke was able to rebound and get a fairly easy win over North Carolina State. Baylor on the other hand still isn't sure how bad they want to be a #1 seed in the tournament. Either that or their ranking is a bit inflated to begin with.

Texas Tech took them into overtime where Baylor was barely able to scratch out a win by three points. '

Given their play as of late, I wouldn't be surprised to see a first or second round exit by the Bears in the tournament.

Four games are on the slate for tonight. I am hoping Michigan State can keep their momentum going when they head into Penn State for one of the final games of the season. It should be a tough matchup on the road for the Spartans. If they keep their turnovers in check, they should be okay.

Maryland should be looking for some redemption after their loss to Michigan State, so I have a feeling this game shouldn't be much of a contest.

Purdue had some stand out games this season, but for the most part they have faded into obscurity. I expect the same to hold true with this game against Iowa.

Finally, Tennessee vs Kentucky should be a pretty one sided game. Especially given the fact that the Wildcats seem to have shaken off those mid-season jitters that they were experiencing before.

If I had to pick one game to watch tonight and I wasn't a Michigan State fan, I would still pick the Michigan State/Penn State game.