I miss playing Badminton

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Outside of regular exercises at the gym, aerobics, and dancing, one sport I really love is Badminton. The funny thing is that I haven't had a chance to play this game in almost 10 years! It was a sport I played almost daily as a child. My parents had a nice wide yard where we had the net permanently hung out and ready to go whenever we felt like playing. I could never beat my dad at the game even though I tried very hard but I beat Mum regularly...lol. It was such fun hitting the shuttle hard and watching it sail off in the air. Badminton is an indoor sport and the shuttles are very light. We, however, did not have enough space to play inside and it was quite hilarious watching the shuttle fly away in the direction of the wind with the players practically chasing after it.
I got my own racquets, shuttle, and net and used them for 7 years before the became old and worn out. I remember almost weeping when I had to dispose of them. I also remember trying to get a new set but then I dropped the quest as soon as I realized how much it was going to cost me financially. Besides, I no longer had any ready partner(s) to play with. Now that my kids are old enough to play with me, it's high time I bought a new Badminton set. I don't have a wide yard or indoor space to play in but we can always use the sports complex on the University of Ibadan campus. I checked for prices online and it's gonna cost me about 25,000 Naira, phew! I guess it's time to start saving for it.

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