Chelsea vs Arsenal tomorrow

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In Arteta first big match after signing for Arsenal, his squad met with Chelsea at home in a match that showed a good promise of what to expect from Arsenal.

The match started very well with Arsenal dominating the first 30-35 minutes of the match.

We pressed very well and got the lead we deserved after a promising first half. The second half was a total different game as we sat back and allowed Chelsea to take the game to us.

Arsenal have been struggling to keep the same pace shown in first half. We have been able to manage that in our game against Leeds which was a reverse.

Leeds dominated the first half with many shorts on goal and were unlucky not to have scored at least two goals. Arsenal however, totally took control of the second half.

Similarly, we played very well in the second half of our game against Sheffield but a lack of concentration from Matiland-niles cost us 2 points.

The Arsenal that Chelsea faced when Arteta just came in have progressed very well in terms of how we play and confidence wise, we are much better.

However, we have not been able to put many goals in the back of the net. We have given away some points lately after leading for almost 70 minutes.

Arteta obviously knows what is at stake and a loss tomorrow means top 4 is far from reach. So it is in our best interest to play a good football and win tomorrow's match.

Hopefully Arteta will get his selection, tactics right and there would be more than two goals from the lads.

To truly win the match, we need to bury as many chances as we can to win the game on time. With Auba out due to red card, this might be very hard but Martinelli can really step into his shoes.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a good away win for us.


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