The possible appearance of the new command based on the patents that came to light in recent weeks

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The next generation of consoles is a reality. Both Sony and Microsoft have already announced that it will be during Christmas 2020 when their new machines reach the market, revealing the first details. However, none of the companies has made an official presentation for now and I do not know both the exact components they will assemble and the appearance of the consoles and, of course, their controls. And precisely with respect to the PlayStation 5 controller, the DualShock 5, a patent arrived a few days ago explaining some of its characteristics; and now, thanks to that patent, we can know an approximate aspect that it could have.

It has been the Let's Go Digital portal, which already revealed months ago and in advance the aspect of the PlayStation 5 development kit, which has shown some images of how the DualShock 5 could be. As explained, it is only of a recreation based on the patents that came to light weeks ago and, therefore, it is not an official model but an approximate representation. You can see the images of the video of the command by yourselves.

I remind you that the PlayStation 5 controller, as revealed months ago, will incorporate some relevant news. The first is a reinvention of the traditional vibration function that accompanies us since the first PlayStation to adopt haptic technology. By adopting this haptic technology, you will feel a wider variety of reactions than ever. For example, the feeling of a car hitting a wall during a race could be very different from the feeling of hitting a football player in a football match. You can even run through the grass and experience the sensation of running through the mud. From Wired, who have offered expanded details regarding PlayStation, they have detailed that for example shooting a bow and arrow will feel like something real (as the tension increases as you pull the arrow backwards) or will allow you to distinguish a machine gun from a shotgun in shooting games.


The second innovation is the evolution of the L2 and R2 buttons. Game developers will be able to program the trigger resistance to match the actions performed by the player, and in combination with haptic technology, more realistic actions can be reproduced than ever. For example, the feeling of accelerating an all-terrain vehicle in a rocky terrain can be reproduced more clearly. Game developers are already starting to receive initial versions of the new controller, so they expect the studios to expand these new features to their liking and expand their imagination.


I remind you that, at the hardware level, PS5 will have a Zen 2 CPU with eight cores and sixteen wires at 1.6 GHz-3.2 GHz, normal and turbo mode, will mount an AMD Radeon RX GPU based on the RDNA architecture Second generation with hardware lightning acceleration and will have a high performance SSD. I don't have details about the amount of integrated memory, but everything seems to indicate that it will be around 16 to 20 GB of GDDR6.


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a bit strange though how next years consoles will have last years cpu and gpu's installed and thats probably decided a year or two ago too ...

but still ...