I think there should be category for Admins and moderators

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Today i will like to give a comment about this community what i like and what i dont like about this platform.
things i love about this community is that it give opportunity about learning here there is no limit to what you can learn almost every area of life , and while other places you pay to learn and to be informed but here is different, here you learn to earn the more you learn the more you earn the more you are informed the more you earn. it is nice to see things like that, i have been wandering around for long not knowing that there is a community that can consistently pay me even while been expose to the things going around all over the world.
moving forward with my verdict over this community, i will proceed to things i don't like about this community
one of the things i dont like about this community is that there should be a category for the community to meet with an admin there should be Admins and moderators to complain to most especially here in this platform, there should be a category that will be dedicated for admins and moderators, most especially for the new members coming on board, one of reason why i came up with this is that i have some questions and i dont know whom to ask, so i decided to say it in a comment section but only one person gave me a reply and unfortunately the person was unable to help me resolve the issue, it was so discouraging, i hope the top people here like @proofofbrainio @onealfa.pob @amr008.pob @richardcrill @trostparadox.pob @proofofbrain look into this and not see this post as insult or disrespect, but try to make changes so as to grow this community together

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In here have really been an eye opener has it exposes us to learning quite a lot and making decent earnings. Great you have found here a home in your little stay here.

Your displeasure is quite understood. I however think it shouldn't be a problem contacting various admin around here. I believe that's why we have beechat (ever heard of those). You could find it on major hive communities front end. You could also go in discord (a social app available on Google play store and apple store) to lay any complaint you might have. Various moderators are quite available and active over there.

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Welcome to the platform. Unfortunately, it looks like you're starting on a bad note within the community. I strongly recommend you at least join our discord and review the following posts regarding our expectations.

I have included the following links for your review. I suggest you follow them, friend. Errors are understandable if you're new. Regardless of the time you've been here, certain errors won't be tolerated.

If you're not familiar with the HIVE platform, I recommend the following articles to improve on your experiences here:

Please review at least the articles above on your new journey. Some contain links to other articles that will serve you well.

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