Just got staked 400 more SPORTS. Upvoting people using the TRIBE system is very rewarding for curators. Thanks to @ackza I have stakes in sportstalksocial.com and Neoxian.city

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I will be handing out some Upvotes in this post, and to whoever comments and you will recieve Sports talk social tokens and neoxag since I have been given stakes in both.

All of these posts on NEW just got over 2 sports, think of it as a free SPORTS airdrop to help them feel like they are at least earning something.

alright now @achatainga is getting over 2 sports tokens!

AND I just gave another 2 sports to all of these posts on the NEW page, after i realized everyone using tags about specific sports and things like MMA is gaining tens of thousands of sports tokens :D I just wanted to give 2 sports to a few people with sports balances at 0 on their posts

Well I realize there is a very large supply of sports tokens, 100.076 B / 100.077 B / 1 T so 1 trillion max supply and already 100 billion, now theres no chance of that getting to $1 per token, at least not with a very proportional amount of volume. But I would love to see sports talk social marketcap at 100 Billion dollars, now that would be great! They would need a lot of investors to support the volume and people need to understand that there isnt enough volume to cash out so instead we need a way to get users to BURN their tokens for a chance to win season passes, or tickets to the super bowl. I think theres simple ways to convince users to burn 50% of their wallets

Anyway to help promote sportstalksocial @ackza will hand out 1 sports each to 10 first people to show up on https://steemspeak.com discord