Why You Should Always Fight Fair- A Boxer's Perspective

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Fighting should be honorable.

As a boxer, a businessman, a Chess player or a street grappler, we need to play by the rules to give everyone a fair shot.

As a boxer, there is always the temptation to hit your opponent with a low blow, push him against the ropes and work the ribs. This can result in injury to your opponent and disqualification from competition. A fair fight is a satisfying fight. When we damage our opponents, we may damage the future of the game by removing a talented member from the community who could lend their talent to attract the next Mike Tyson. Imagine if a superstar heavyweight was injured during a dirty fight and never made it to the top? A shining beacon of light might be turned away because of our selfish actions.

Apply this lesson to the business world. We can lie, cheat and steal to win. We know we can apply low blows. We stay on the correct and narrow path to avoid repercussions that could make the game we are playing a nightmare. In the end we play fair as an altruistic motion to continue our game, for the love of the game.

Picture from Pixabay.

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