How big steemit is, why it will go to moon !!!!

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Hi all steemitians,

Hope you all are enjoying the #newsteem after the hard-fork 21. The platform had become cleaner without much of copy paste, spamming and plagiarism blogs.

Whales are supporting minnows and minnows are creating quality contents to support the whole platform.

Some of the whales with continuous effort to help new users are :


In fact not only steemit, but the whole ecosystem is growing.

Again the introduction of different tribes has made it more powerful. Tribes like #sportstalksocial , #steemleo, #palnet, #ctp, #dblog are really doing well.

It has prove the words :


So we are doing well and in future also it's going to grow without any interruption.

What is the worth of STEEMIT??

I beleive that, even if some day bit coin will die, #steem will always be trending. Because the value of the steemit platform is huge.

Till the time creators will be validating transactions in steemit, steem will be roaring safe, unlike other crypto.

Here is a screenshot, which shows the value of the #steemit.

Value of a social media platform is calculated based on many things, likely :

No of visitors

User engagement


Organic contents

Domain age etc.

So steemit is no doubt doing very well and the growth is always there.

Bit of concern

Every new project takes time to get stable, #steemit has taken around 3 years and i feel it's stable now.

After the stability the project should witness growth, which is probably not eye catching in case of STEEMIT till now.

In fact the popularity of STEEMIT is decreasing, though the core members have tried a lot to help new users and prevent spammers with the concept of down voting.

This shows the graph, where the ranking of STEEMIT is decreasing in last 3 months. It showing that the user retention is decreasing, also no of new users are decreasing too.

Though the rank of below 15,000 is not that bad, still there is a concern as we were below 5000 rank just before 3 months of time.

How can we still improve ???

Firstly i think the bloggers should take the responsibility on their shoulder and find the spammers, reward then with down vote.

If all members will take the responsibility, then fighting with spammers will be much easier.

Some accounts which are doing downvoting regularly to keep the spammers away are :


Rewarding the good content should always be the key, they should get more visibility. There should not be any bias, when one consider a content as good or bad.

Fundamental is very simple, we have to get more users and have to retain then in the platform.

This way there will be no scarcity of neither content not users.


What are you talking about? Do you really think that downvoting is the key to growth? Do you even know the people that you have listed in your post? Their work on "getting Steem better"?

Just to be clear, there are tagged people in your post that are really great contributors, but c'mon... Do your research before creating this kind of post...

Camillesteemer is helping the Steem? LOL... I don't know for the others, but when I saw that you put him to the list of Steem little helpers I have seen enough...

I appreciate your positive attitude about STEEM, future growth, etc... But, spreading false information will not help in growing nor Steem, nor the community...