6 Weeks of Nextcolony, Review after 5-6Hours Gameplay, What is achievable? (Part:5)

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20190721 21_10_11Skills.pngAfter 6 Weeks on my first Planet, while I was playing 2-Times a day for (5-10Min), so around 5 hours actual playtime. This is how far I made it. While I really have to say, once a day is atm enough for me. Since I can afford very few Upgrades and then I'm broke again --_--

1 Planet only (stilllll)

20190808 01_48_25Skills.png

Meta-Skill Level: lvl. 204!
Coal Mine (11) +1131.20 / Day (+47.13 / Hour)
Ore Mine (11) +606.00 / Day (+25.25 / Hour)
Copper Mine (11) +303.00 / Day (+12.63 / Hour)
Uranium Mine (11) +141.40 / Day (+5.89 / Hour)

How long till I can make ships?
I'm still around 60% done with the Corvette Tech Tree, but I still need Level20 on that to create my first Ships. My Shipyard is already on level 13, so it needs just one more Level up.
But in the end, I just bought some ships form @flauwy - 12 Corvettes for 10 Steem :))
--> https://steempeak.com/nextcolony/@flauwy/nextcolony-fleet-sale-over-1-200-battleships-available

The travel time for the ships was nearly 8 days, so actually bought then right after my last weeks' post and they still need to arrive! But that is very thrilling because that means every incoming attack also need weeks to reach faraway planets. Specially to mention, the big Battle Ships are up to 4 times slower than the Corvettes.

Imagine you see a huge attack coming in for weeks, that really opens up tactical and diplomatic levels. I'm very looking forward to the big Space Wars, going on over a whole month! And I can participate with a real-time commitment of a few minutes a day. The prolongation really takes out the stress of reaction time, what a great decision of the makers. Love it!
20190815 04_51_48Missions.png

I'm still not sure, if I'll need the Mission Controle Skill for using my ships on Explore Missions, but just in case (because it would make sense), so I already started saving for that upgrade.
20190815 05_02_44Skills.png

If you can explain the concept of the Mission Controle skill, please push it in the comments or link your source and I'll cover it in my next post!

I already have 5k Stardust, it's listed in the Steem-Engine STARDUST, but people have not started trading it, yet. I have a feeling, that will change very soon.
20190815 05_22_14Stardust.png

My Tipp at this Point is:
Putting the skill focus on resources and just buying your first few ships, spares you a month of time. Ships are very affordable and easy to order. You can get then in Discord or like me just comment @flauwy on any of his posts, he's got thousands of ships.

My Last Post on NextColony:

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I'll update you next week again!

Best Regards, Manni

Also very interesting to read:
Running application: https://steempeak.com/delegationapp/@nextcolony/application-for-delegation-nextcolony
Official Update: https://steempeak.com/@nextcolony
Discuss on Discord: https://discord.gg/UNncnTc


@louis88 you should know how Mission Controle works? :))

Yep, i know how it works. check out my blog entries about nextcolony in the early days

mhm, hab grad deine ersten 10 Posts zu NC abgesucht und nix gefunden.. Über Steampeak und dann /@louis88 => Tag Filter auf 'NextColony' und dann von unten nach oben. Was hab ich übersehen?

Nice one there, keep on upgrading your resources.

I enjoyed reading this review and would love to know how your NextColony experience actually pans out.

From all indications you enjoy playing the game.

We look forward to your next contribution.

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Thank you, I'm still very slow in that game. But I wanna share the experience, to be able to inspire others on following me.

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I'm playing but not a massive fan so far. Much prefer steemmonsters

ah ok, did you join steemmonster last year already?