Nextcolony: Auctioning my planet for SPUD X

in LeoFinancelast year

Hi Friends.
I hope all of you are familiar with game of the next colony in steem blockchain. I am a active gamer that daily explore the space and create the fleet and gather the resources.

With Spud X in sight and having 20+ planet to manage (obviously a difficult task) I decided to part away with one of my planet and use the fund received from the auction of this planet for powering up.

Planet that I want to auction is rare copper, having 70000 SD burn value located at 471/-298, From leo DEX, the burn value of planet is more than 45 steem. (price taken as .00066 steem/stardust)

Planet is mostly used for exploring and is abundant in resource to produce Explorers and there is plenty of area nearby to planet that can be explored.

Apart from other ships, this planet currently have 4 Explorer II that can be used to explore far off areas.

I am starting the auction of this planet today with this post, setting the base price of 70 steem. Auction will end with the post payout of this post. Increment of bid should be done in .1 steem. If 2 people bid the same highest value then person who bid first will be considered.

Hope you guys will like to own this planet and participate in both SpudX and nexcolony game.

Please feel free to upvote and resteem because all the earning from this post is also used for powering up for Spud X.

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5 comments in 6 days. And all of the them are bot comments. Not bad.
Here just a random real human comment passing by.
20+ planet is a lot. I am currently at the early stage of the game.
I currently do not even have any Explorer, nor any other ships, but I am trying to play NextColony actively every day. I am not going to invest money into the game, so I am not the target audience, but good luck for selling the planet. Okay, you probably have sold it by now. Good luck for the SPUD 10 too.

Thanks for commenting. Till now I am not lucky to sold it. I am not going to burn so I will keep it for myself if not sold. 70 steem is quite a cheap price for this planet.