My NFL Playoff and Overall Placement Predictions for the 2019/2020 Season

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The wait for NFL football is over. Football season is finally upon us in a few hours. I know it officially started on Thursday but that really was just a teaser unless you were a fan of the Packers or Bears. NFL football begins on that first Sunday. There isn't a better feeling to me than knowing that I can waste an entire Sunday dedicated to watching football. From 1 P.M. to 11 P.M. you can catch me in front of the TV.

I started this prediction series with the hopes that I would finish posting everything before the season began. I am proud I accomplished this goal. Even if I get it done late into the morning.

I predicted the record of each team by going through every single week of the NFL schedule and picking each team's record by their scheduled matchups. I completed these final standings while incorporating the NFL's official tie-breaking procedures as accurately as I could. It was pretty tricky at times, and tedious, but I think I did a pretty good job.

Week One NFL Predictions
Week Two NFL Predictions
Week Three NFL Predictions
Week Four NFL Predictions
Week Five NFL Predictions
Week Six NFL Predictions
Week Seven NFL Predictions
Week Eight NFL Predictions
Week Nine NFL Predictions
Week Ten NFL Predictions
Week Eleven NFL Predictions
Week Twelve NFL Predictions
Week Thirteen NFL Predictions
Week Fourteen NFL Predictions
Week Fifteen NFL Predictions
Week Sixteen NFL Predictions
Week Seventeen NFL Predictions
AFC East Preview
NFC East Preview
AFC North Preview
NFC North Preview
AFC South Preview
NFC South Preview
AFC West Preview
NFC West Preview
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I also want to mention that I predicted the record for the Indianapolis Colts prior to Andrew Luck's retirement. I still think it's a good reference to see where I had the Colts before Luck retired, and then you as the reader can sort of still see where I see certain teams will generally finish.

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AFC Playoff StandingsWL
(1) Los Angeles Chargers124
(2) Indianapolis Colts (Pre Luck Retirement)124
(3) New England Patriots124
(4) Cleveland Browns106
(5) Tennessee Titans115
(6) Kansas City Chiefs106
7. Houston Texans97
8. New York Jets97
9. Pittsburgh Steelers79
10. Cincinnati Bengals79
11. Denver Broncos79
12. Baltimore Ravens511
13. Jacksonville Jaguars511
14. Oakland Raiders511
15. Buffalo Bills511
16. Miami Dolphins511

-Chargers, Colts, Patriots seeded by strength of victory
-Texans had better record versus common opponents than the Jets
-Bengals had better conference record than Broncos
-Ravens had best win percentage within conference than Jags, Raiders, Bills, and Dolphins
-Jags had best strength of victory among Raiders, Bills, and Dolphins
-Raiders had second best strength of victory among Jags, Bills and Dolphins

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NFC Playoff StandingsWL
(1) Chicago Bears124
(2) New Orleans Saints115
(3) Philadelphia Eagles115
(4) Los Angeles Rams106
(5) Green Bay Packers115
(6) Atlanta Falcons115
7. Seattle Seahawks106
8. Carolina Panthers97
9. Arizona Cardinals97
10. Dallas Cowboys88
11. San Francisco 49ers79
12. Minnesota Vikings511
13. Detroit Lions412
14. Washington Redskins313
15. New York Giants214
16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers214

-Saints have better conference win percentage than Eagles
-Packers have better conference win percentage than Falcons
-Panthers beat Cardinals head to head
-Giants beat Bucs head to head

sportstalk football.png

Thank you to anyone that happened to read some of these posts over these last two months or so. I hope I could provide some kind of casual light entertainment to somebody.

Like I have said a few times throughout these posts, don't get too mad at me if I have your team doing poorly. What do I know anyway? I hope everyone enjoys watching their favorite team this season.

I hope all NFL fans are excited! I know I am! Steem and Sport on folks!!!!!



Finally we are into that big moment and I really enjoyed it yesterday.

Yes it felt like forever till football season returned, it was a great opening Sunday of football.