My NFL Week 15 2019-2020 Season Predictions

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So I randomly realized with horror last night that I have been writing "San Diego Chargers" instead of "Los Angeles Chargers" nearly the entire time I have posted my schedules, so yeah I felt really silly for a minute. My bad Chargers fans I will try my best to remember that in these final weeks of my predictions!

As I have said during one of my earlier posts in my season prediction series, I will post up divisional previews and playoff seeding previews based on these predictions, as soon as possible. With my actual thoughts as to why I feel teams will finish where they did in my predictions.

Be sure to look out for that!

Once again I apologize if I have your team doing poorly or anything, don't hate too much on me! LOL. Any given Sunday folks! I would never have predicted the Eagles would have won the Super Bowl the year they did, so we all just gotta wait and see!


AwayNFL Week 15Home
_New York Jets, 20ATBaltimore Ravens, 23 (W)
Seattle Seahawks, 28 (W)ATCarolina Panthers, 21
Philadelphia Eagles, 20 (W)ATWashington Redskins, 17
Houston Texans, 30 (W)ATTennessee Titans, 24
Buffalo Bills, 20ATPittsburgh Steelers, 30 (W)
Miami Dolphins, 21 (W)ATNew York Giants, 17
Denver Broncos, 20 (W)ATKansas City Chiefs, 17
New England Patriots, 31 (W)ATCincinnati Bengals, 17
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 27ATDetroit Lions, 33 (W)
Chicago Bears, 27ATGreen Bay Packers, 30 (W)
Jacksonville Jaguars, 20ATOakland Raiders, 30 (W)
Cleveland Browns, 24ATArizona Cardinals, 27 (W)
Atlanta Falcons, 20ATSan Francisco 49ers, 27 (W)
Los Angeles Rams, 23ATDallas Cowboys, 27 (W)
Minnesota Vikings, 17ATLos Angeles Chargers, 28 (W)
Indianapolis Colts, 34ATNew Orleans Saints, 37 (W)



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