My NFL Week 16 2019-2020 Season Predictions

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AwayNFL Week 16Home
Detroit Lions, 10ATDenver Broncos, 17 (W)
Oakland Raiders, 20ATLos Angeles Chargers, 27 (W)
New York Giants, 21 (W)ATWashington Redskins, 14
New Orleans Saints, 24ATTennessee Titans, 27 (W)
Pittsburgh Steelers, 21ATNew York Jets, 30 (W)
Buffalo Bills, 17ATNew England Patriots, 30 (W)
Los Angeles Rams, 27 (W)ATSan Francisco 49ers, 20
Houston Texans, 40 (W)ATTampa Bay Buccaneers, 20
Jacksonville Jaguars, 20ATAtlanta Falcons, 30 (W)
Baltimore Ravens, 13ATCleveland Browns, 17 (W)
Carolina Panthers, 23ATIndianapolis Colts, 30 (W)
Cincinnati Bengals, 21 (W)ATMiami Dolphins, 20
Arizona Cardinals, 17ATSeattle Seahawks, 24 (W)
Dallas Cowboys, 21ATPhiladelphia Eagles, 27 (W)
Kansas City Chiefs, 30 (W)ATChicago Bears, 27
Green Bay Packers, 27ATMinnesota Vikings, 30 (W)


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So NFL season is finally on and very soon we will get some existing play. I bet on Denver Broncnos and Eagles both.

Who is your favorite?

Thank you....steem on and stay blissful...

My favorite team is the Tennessee Titans! I think if certain players elevate their game this season and improve the Titans could surprise some people!

Steem on!

Yes very possible and I expect very close contest and those who push to their best can definitely have an edge. Nice to see NFL lovers here.

I definitely love football and encourage others to blog about it on sportstalksocial!

Nice talking with you, and let the season start, I will definitely post. Thank you...steem on...

Steem on, sports on!

What is your take on "Denver Broncos", will they perform well this season???

I have them finishing 7-9. I plan on releasing complete standings based on these predictions in the next few weeks, be sure to check out my AFC West Preview in the future! I will be sharing more of my thoughts in that post as to why I see the Broncos as a 7-9 team.

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Sure I will keep on checking your blog. Thank you for the quick reply.

No problem at all! I enjoy talking football, cool to know you are curious about the Broncos, they have a very big fanbase, and I could be very wrong about them for all I know. Any given Sunday!

Yes I am a broncos-maniac for 2 years and I love to see them perform well and I love their colors too.

Thats awesome, I wish I could have watched John Elway play but I was too young to remember. I have him on my Madden Ultimate Team.

I am a Tennessee Titans fan and I love the two tone blue color scheme, thats also the reason I chose them as my team when I was 7 years old, and I have been a fan ever since. So its cool you love your team's colors too. The Broncos definitely have nice uniforms.

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They have a slightly new look this time, it will be all interesting as I found you as a friend here to discuss these stuff over Steem blockchain.

Yes thats very cool, I look forward to discussing football with you this season! I cant wait till September!

Love it!!
Super Bowl Prediction?
Which 2 teams are you choosing?

Thank you! :) That is a really interesting question, I may create a future post about this and it's definitely subject to change but the safest betting choice would probably be Saints and Patriots, in my opinion.

Who will outperform?
New season will be exciting.

Hmmm I think that the Patriots and Saints are the favorites in my opinion. With the NFL you never know though! The Eagles surprised everyone a few years ago!

Is there any change of rule this time around or any additional rule????

No rule changes that I am aware of.

The excitement is so high and I can't wait till September....I am hoping high on Philadelphia Eagles.

I am super excited too. The Eagles should have a good season! One month!

Who will play better this time, how about Titans sir?

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I have the Titans doing well, at 11-5. Maybe a bit biased, but I will explain further in my preview posts. The Titans did finish 9-7 three years in a row so its not ridiculous though.

I also hope them doing well; but I think they can not afford much margin of error.

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Thats for sure, Mariota needs to stay healthy. He supposedly put on about 15 pounds of muscle, so I hope that helps him not get injured this year.

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