My Very Early Week 1 NFL Predictions

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I absolutely love watching football, and I absolutely miss it being on every Sunday. Despite all of the negative news coming out of the sport in recent years, football is still the sport I crave.

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Sometimes I miss it so much it kind of drives me crazy. So to help the time pass I decided to predict every single game of the 2019-2020 season, with the standings and playoff seedings completed fully. Well mostly full anyway. I prepared myself and have everything written in my notebook. Now its a matter of blogging my predictions over the next few weeks.

I found it super trippy and fun to predict an entire season of NFL football. I was like the CPU on Madden simulating games. I found the whole process tedious, but fun.

I created the standings as accurately as I could using the NFL's tie-breaking/seeding procedures. There may be a mistake but I really tried to double check everything as best I could. After I predict the season I plan on creating some divisional previews for each divison, and display which teams will make the playoffs in my opinion.

To put it more directly, I will share my 17 weeks of football predictions, and then later post standings.

Now I understand I will definitely be way wrong in reality for some teams and I understand many people will have different opinions.

I understand some of you will be upset that I have your favorite team doing poorly this season.

Don't take it too seriously, I am just some dude. Football is a crazy game and so many things can happen throughout a season. Unless you're the Patriots, you never really know how good a team will or will not be.

I definitely invite anyone to comment about what they think of my predictions. I am down for some good football discussion!

Maybe even some of you that read this could be inspired to create their own predictions!

I can't wait to see how close or far off my predictions are by January.


NFL Week 1


Green Bay Packers, 27 (W)


Chicago Bears, 24

Los Angeles Rams, 14


Carolina Panthers, 20 (W)

Washington Redskins, 10


Philadelphia Eagles, 26 (W)

Buffalo Bills, 15 (W)


New York Jets, 9

Atlanta Falcons, 30 (W)


Minnesota Vikings, 18

Baltimore Ravens, 21 (W)


Miami Dolphins, 7

Kansas City Chiefs, 38 (W)


Jacksonville Jaguars, 17

Tennessee Titans, 24 (W)


Cleveland Browns, 20

Indianapolis Colts, 30


San Diego Chargers, 34 (W)

Cincinnati Bengals, 13


Seattle Seahawks, 17 (W)

San Francisco 49ers, 17


Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 20 (W)

New York Giants, 15


Dallas Cowboys, 27 (W)

Detroit Lions, 25


Arizona Cardinals, 27 (W)

Pittsburgh Steelers, 23


New England Patriots, 30 (W)

Houston Texans, 28


New Orleans Saints, 31 (W)

Denver Broncos, 10


Oakland Raiders, 19 (W)

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