NFL Week 6 2019-2020 Season Predictions

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New York Giants, 13ATNew England Patriots, 30 (W)
Carolina Panthers, 24 (W)ATTampa Bay Buccaneers, 20
Washington Redskins, 20ATMiami Dolphins, 23 (W)
Philadelphia Eagles, 27 (W)ATMinnesota Vikings, 13
Houston Texans, 20ATKansas City Chiefs, 28 (W)
New Orleans Saints, 30 (W)ATJacksonville Jaguars, 17
Seattle Seahawks, 17ATCleveland Browns, 21 (W)
Cincinnati Bengals, 21ATBaltimore Ravens, 30 (W)
San Francisco 49ers, 20ATLos Angeles Rams, 28 (W)
Atlanta Falcons, 27 (W)ATArizona Cardinals, 23
Dallas Cowboys, 30ATNew York Jets, 33 (W)
Tennessee Titans, 20 (W)ATDenver Broncos, 13
Pittsburgh Steelers, 20ATSan Diego Chargers, 23 (W)
Detroit Lions, 17ATGreen Bay Packers, 27 (W)
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By week 6 you have my Vikings with a 1-5 record!?! Haha!

I am so sorry. I know how it feels to hear somebody say your team is gonna not do well.

Dont believe me, I could easily be wayyyyyyyyy wrong. I won't mind if I am. I'm just some dude LOL! The NFL is hard to predict. I would have never guessed the Eagles were gonna go 13-3 a couple years ago. Just having some fun!

The Vikings could easily do a lot better than I think.

Haha! No worries... It's been a fun read to see your picks! I don't take it personal!
I do hope the Vikes do better than a 1 and 5 start though! :D

I appreciate you saying it's been fun, that feels really good if just one person enjoys the content :)
I could easily be wrong about the Vikings. I won't be surprised whatsoever. They've been a good team for a couple years! Any given Sunday!
Nice to meet you!

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