Tom Brady is a beast!

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Something that I love about sports is the legends that are born, the fight, the struggle, the victories and of course the defeats that teach you how close you are to reach greatness.

What happens you have already won? Is there anything more to do? Yes, being the best of all times.

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Tom Brady

The NFL quarterback for the Patriots has played in nine Super Bowls and won six of them, the most of any player in NFL history he has also won four Super Bowl MVP awards and three league MVP awards, he is first in postseason career passing yards and first in postseason career passing touchdowns not to forget Brady has led his team to more division titles than any other quarterback.

He is one (of only two) quarterbacks to win a Super Bowl in their first season as a starter. He shares with Brett Favre the privilege of having 70,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards, only 2 people in have done that in NFL history. He is the only quarterback to reach 200 regular-season wins and he is tied for the record for the longest touchdown pass at 99 yards.

There is something, legends like Tom share

The mentality... Yes, Tom Brady has won it all, and he still is going for more. He is 42 but he just signed a two-year contract extension worth $70 million, he did it one day after his 42nd birthday.

He posted his Super Bowl rings and he wrote: "Do you know which ring is my favorite? ....The Next One!!!".


Is your mentality aligned with your dreams?

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