Nike Running Walking "LIFESTYLE" Shoes

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Glamorous, Stylo, Sleek, Modern, Comfort, New Edge.

Nike has recently come out numerous style of shoes for walking, running and recently they launch the new "Lifestyle" shoes, pretty amazing actually.

The craze of sports shoes are fucking huge now, it has blown out of proportion. It a new Thing, or New Edge, New Era and it's not a joke. A pair of Nike Air Jordan can easily go for USD800-USD1500 per pair, it's basically who pays the highest get it. Kid as young as 10 years old is wearing USD1000-USD2000 pair of shoes on the street.

The hype is starting here in Sabah, and Malaysia I would say. However in countries such as the USA, European Countries has started the craze first, and now ASIA is getting their hands on it.

With NIKE recently laugh the Lifestyle shoes, you can customize your own colour for the whole, you even can put your Wife Name or Dog's name on the shoes. How freaking awesome is that !!!!

Whatever it is, the New Edge has arrived, like it or not, shoes are getting more expensive for now.

Below are the shoes I am aiming once my get my bonus. It is RM609.00 / USD147.00 for a pair in my local Nike store.

Tell me what do you think !!!




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