My original song, MUSIC "Ahead", I hope you can fi/我的原创歌曲——MUSIC《前方》,希望你能在在这首歌曲里找回对生活的热爱

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I am Allen, an original singer. I have been talking to music for more than ten years, expressing every song I love with my sincere heart.
I hope to make you hear better music. I've been working hard.

Today, I wrote a new song called "Ahead", which is a song related to light. In our life, we always have to go a long way, and we will experience a lot on this way.

I wrote a song for this competition. I chose this song because I think it expresses our colorful life with the simplest lyrics. In our colorful life, the light always tells you that life is really very beautiful.

This road is accompanied by love, friendship and family, but sometimes we forget the road we have traveled together.
We always stop and look at the unknown distance, wondering if we should continue to move forward.

Sometimes we get lost and don't know what to do next and what to do ahead. We often lament about life and hope that there will be such a person who will tell us how to go ahead and how to go ahead.

Although we may be lost occasionally, life is like a beautiful light, always shining in front of us, warming us and guiding us forward.
Tell us that life is really good, life is always waving to you.

Although some people have said that "Hometown is not going back", but can I go back to my homeland... Maybe life is my homeland.

Let the light of life embrace you and me.

The song "Ahead", I hope you will like..................................................









虽然有人说过“故乡是回不去的”,但是我可否回到故乡... ...也许生活就是我的故乡。


歌曲《前方》,希望你会喜欢... ...

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這首歌聽起來很漂亮!!感謝您抽出寶貴時間為這次活動寫點特別的內容,@abcallen :3 出版物的寫作也非常漂亮。嘿,朋友......讓我看看這首歌的歌詞,你能跟我分享一下嗎?:o

Sí,no sési puedes leer chino.Te enseñaréel chino y el inglés.

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你知道,我有很多軼事,從我小時候開始,很多軼事都與你的同胞所指導的超市有關。 XD 你歌曲的歌詞很漂亮!我喜歡寫作,我喜歡你的歌,那裡有很多感受。 :)


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I cannot understand your language but I can fell your emotion! A very soft a tender melody :) Thanks for sharing your music with us :)

You're welcome. Thank you for your comments.

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