The beauty of nature : Yellow with red point

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ntopaz-image-0I am not a professional photographer. I never didn't have any DSLR Camera or I will never try to take lesson from any institutes.

I am a passionate photographer who like to take photo for his won thirsty.
Last afternoon while I was moving for my actifit activities, I saw this flower besides the road.

It has a lovely yellow colour with a soft pink point in the middle of it.After training it was looking more beautiful.

I just never thought that the colour will be looking like.
Thanks to Ashik, my best friend, cause he asked me to go out to watch the footbal tournament.

Basically, last afternoon we went to the " Bangobondhu college field" To watch

Bangladesh vs India
football tournament. Here Some Indian students are studying in a private medical college.They sometimes arrange the tournament
Bangladesh vs India.
It was a great day,I would never forget it.

Thanks to @azizbd for his kind deligation.
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Also thanks to @hafizullah, I am motivated to make dtube video by watching him.
Always try to be happy.Enjoy your time

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Pure and innocent ~ So cool ~ The color is vivid and live ~ Nature is the mother of an art ~

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Such a lovely flower! Great photo

Thanks for your kind support, It will help me to do more work in photography. Thank you so much for staying with me.

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Beautiful capture brother...

Thank you.I am here today because of your support.

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But, I think it is really very nice shot. Keep it up brother.

Thanks for your support, I will never forget your word.It will help me to do better job in future.

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That is a very pretty flower - am following you on twitter now with my seadbeady account :)

Thank you so much.Hopefully I can give you some quality work.

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