The daily highlight reel..

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Hello and welcome to today's highlight reel which starts right about lunch time.. I got fucked at work and didn't remember to carry my phone so I got no actifit steps.. but after work I was starving.. good thing I had a Five Guys mystery shop..



Then I took Alaska to the dog park for some exercise..



I was finally able to get back to the bus about 4 pm.. I might be a couple minutes early.. so what



You know what sounds good.. coffee.. a nighttime trip to Dunkin..



Peace out y'all.. Dave


Daily Activity


Yummy 😛

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Goddamn bro they let you secret shop at five guys? Sign me the fuck up...

Goddamn bro they let
You secret shop at five guys?
Sign me the fuck up...

                 - alexvanaken

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

That looks so tasty man, why you did this to me...

Obviously because I'm a asshole..


Burger 😉

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Guess I am still here and you are too! I grow out in Okie. If you are ever this way feel free to hit me up someday. We apparently have the best smoke in our region. Hope all is well.


Wow... i want a cheeseburger thanks a lot!

Mmmmm, nice looking burger!

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