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Another day for Chelsea fans to recoup. Surprised I was to see Leicester unable to win this match.
Maybe tomorrow another miracle and Chelsea will stay in top four. So far it is me speculating about the standing.

Now the score is another story. Bournemouth found a way to score four goals. Bournemouth proves they can win too. First half Leicester shows composure to score four or five goals. The only goal they score was luck. Maybe they were under pressure themselves.
Collapsing is tough in Football. Do you remember Brazil collapsing in front of Germany in 2014?

So far the standing is still the same. Norwich has made their run for this season. Manchester United has the front door wide open to take third place. If they win tomorrow, well deserved. Chelsea is still around and only another loss from Manchester could at least allow Chelsea to stay in top.

Now this is what make the finale more fun. Liverpool and Manchester City are just playing for fun just like Norwich.
Arsenal fans, it is still tough going down the line. Tottenham maybe next season could prove to be worthy
if you look at the second part of the season many teams have shown they are ready for a run.
Next year it will be harder for each team you see on top to remain as is.
The usual suspects will lead the EPL no
matter what.
Be safe and stay safe.


I have lost hope when I saw Leicester City taking the lead in the first half but later when I checked the League table I thought maybe it was an error not until I saw Bournemouth hit them so hard with 4 goals.this is really a sign that Chelsea will make top 4

At first I thought it was all done but when I looked at the review match things change.
I was not sure if Leicester did really lose.
Chelsea still hanging around.

Chelsea need to right their wrongs by staying put on that position.

Still in fourth hopefully tomorrow they can start to do that

Honestly, I think the teams on top has been largely inconsistent and we have them to thank for that really Chelsea might just make top four because of this. I hope man United doesn't win

Ha ha ha ha Manchester Utd. looked poised lately.
I wish the same way too so Chelsea can get by easy.
Southampton is the key and they are placed where they can make a difference.
Southampton needs a win like yesterday.

Opens up top four for united. Over the past few years they have always fallen at these chances so it will be interesting to see if they can actually take advantage this time. If there has been a change.

Hey this is why EPL is so fun to watch.
Manchester can take it and run with it.
Couple of matches left to go and it will be more fun down the line.