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This is the beauty of Premier League Football. What you expect may never happen.
With no fans and a crazy defense, Sheffield proved they are the better team today.
Possesion is not a factor in this game if many balls went off target. Now things are getting more
fun to watch and Chelsea has the next match that look easy.
Lately I do not know easy is the right word to say.

My worries rely on how this team perform week after week. Do they think Sheffield will play soft?
When you play away you need to be more vigilant and make sure you hold the ball for a reason.
The first goal is like what from the clearance, phew.
The defense is very unorganized and you can see Sheffield players are looking to score by all means.
Even at the end Sheffield could easily add more to the scoreboard.
Strange it may sound, these matches exist in Football.

Chelsea could fall easily in fifth place. The standing system and the teams are so tight
together. Manchester Utd., Norwich,Liverpool, Wolves are next.
The match between Manchester Utd is for FA CUP
next Sunday. Every team has three matches to go.
Chelsea still have to win its matches and the other teams to lose for them to hold a spot in top four.
It is getting interesting at the end.
After that we have Champions League coming right after.
Be safe and stay safe.


I dont expect Chelsea losing this match because of how this winning is so important. But the only way chelsea could make it is for Leicester City and Manchester United to slump too

I want Chelsea to win the next games and see how it will enfold.
Manchester Utd. and Leicester may not go easy.

Sheffield did so well , that is all i can say.

Chrlsea as a team should better get their focus running before next week Sunday and definitely before the champions league.

The Epl is just a tough league but that is with makes it fun.

At the end we lost. It was a bad result for us considering the fact that Chelsea have close to three direct rivals for their third position spot. I sincerely hope we qualify for the champions league.

By the way, I have been meaning to ask, how can I join your curation trail (I mean the one you using)

Chelsea is putting his fans on the bad spot.
I was hoping to see a smooth sailing for next year Champions League
but now they are hoping to make it if ManU and Leicester did not want it.

Check for @backscratcher, they have a group on telegram and as always
you have to follow some rules like write a post, be yourself and you need to have a minimum HP to enter.
I have known them since #steem and they are still using #steem I think.

Chelsea still has a shot. Leicester lost today..hopefully, man united will also lose. We still have a shot at redemption.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I will be checking them out and see if I qualify to be considered..

Thanks once more

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Happy to see you around
Consistency will pay off in the long run.
Chelsea needs to stay in the top four
Champions League not Europa League.