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Yesterday I didn’t finish watching the game between Manchester United vs Southampton.
I went to bed with the idea that Chelsea is no longer in top four. I didn’t bother look or verify.
Today I was checking the standing and it was peculiar at first seeing Chelsea still in top four.


Wondering around I thought my cache from my PC needs to be refreshed. So I go my way to give it a try and the standing still the same.
Lucky it was Southampton scores at the last minute, awarding Manchester United one point.
That was crazy but true at the same time.

Today out of the blue Chelsea scored the only goal of the match. Norwich did play their remnants of the match. Nice combination between Pulisic and Giroux. Somehow Abraham is no show. The pressure is high for him.
I hope they can find the right playmaker that can help him to do better.

Chelsea is still part of the top three. Let’s hope there is no scare going forward. At least this is a well deserved 3 points. Manchester United fell really bad. They hope to tap the top. Another week we will see the move.
Chelsea fans are breathing again.
Be safe and stay safe.


I watched the Manchester United vs Southampton till the end, when Obafemi scored in the injury time to levelled the score to 2-2 I was so happy that there is a chance for Chelsea to keep their position.

Chelsea match against Norwich was great and Giroud really had a good time by scoring the only goal with a beautiful crossing from Pulisic. Abraham has totally lost his form and I am so Glad Chelsea gave giroud a new contract.

In that case Giroud has a home for the foreseeable future.
Abraham should find ways to create his own goal.
Chelsea has another week ahead of them.
What do you think of the clash between Chelsea vs Manchester Utd. this weekend ?

The clash between Chelsea Vs Manchester United will be a tough game, Manchester United are in good form though but Chelsea wont afford losing to them the 4th time this season. I see Chelsea winning but it will be a narrow escape for Chelsea.

This will be FA CUP right
the winner will go to finale

Yes, FA cup semi final