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No fans, The Premier League is moving along quite well. Everyone is watching over their set so you can pick with noise (fake) or just the players.
So far I am delighted the season is moving and by July that should be it.
Chelsea lost yesterday, so does Leicester.
Manchester Utd. is begging to take the fourth place.
It looks like they may if Chelsea playing relaxed.

Looking at the schedule and standing, Norwich is okay thank you, relegation.
Bournemouth, Aston Villa are playing with fire.
West Ham and Watford not there yet but more wins will secure their path to EPL.
Brighton much better place but they need to play fervently.

This Thursday two beautiful matches.
Sheffield proved worthy of the seventh place by taking care of Tottenham in a classic way.
VAR is the pure excuse when a team lost the game.
We all forgot you need to continue to score in order to win.
Clearly the better team wins. I should say the most prepare team wins.

Just today 8 goals were scored. Not bad for a Thrusday. Liverpool was done since
they won EPL. Classically they will received each game and nice ovation for their success.
Manchester City did them a favor by scoring only 4 goals.
Next match they should bench Salah, Mane, Firmino. Just a give the young guys a chance
to see how next season will be.

Hopefully things should be plausible for Champions League and we will see how they will fair.
I knew way before the match Liverpool will lose. Just a pure instinct from how well they play all season. No need for them to prove anything. They are the Champions.
They will play loose so any team any contender can win against them now.
By mentioning EPL I have my eyes over la Liga as well.

Will Zidane get a trophy just by showing up this year? I want to say he is lucky if he wins
without CR7. We all know Barca is scrambling to get wins.
Anyway I am watching from afar and see if Messi is done.
Maybe not yet but the Messi we know now is not the same Messi.
This is another story.
Let's enjoy this Football while we can.


Do you also follow Serie A?

This year is very interesting not like last years.

I also created a test Fantasy League post-covid and this format will also available for the next season in full version as it's working very well. 😁

Should be beautiful having also not Italian people to join the competition. 😎

I follow EPL, La Liga and Serie A to an extent.
Serie A lost it luster a while back but I am a fan of football.
CR7 is giving his last juice over there.

CR7 is giving his last juice over there.


CR7 is giving his last juice over there.

Mmmh actually he scored 24 goals in 25 matches in Serie A this year. 😃

Let's see, he has another year to play here. 🙂

Lol....Should i start with a banter? I think the likes of Tottenham, Man utd, Chelsea and Leicester are all giving us a reason to continue watching the EPL for the rest of the season......imagine the top four being settled by now and Liverpool are already champions then what is left exciting to watch?. Anyway about the Liverpool match i think that play by man city was them sending a message to the rest of the EPL teams. I also want to point that Zidane is a very good coach if not the best coach right now, if he wins the league, for me that cements his place as the best coach right now....he's handling of the real Madrid team since Ronaldo left has been wonderful and his ability to build a winning team around the young galaticos present in the real Madrid team is wonderful for me.

That is the reason to watch the remaining matches.
Hard to predict which way it will go.
Eager to see what Leicester will do next year.
It was a formidable year for them.

By the way, what team will take the FA CUP home ?

The battle for the yop form is realy tight. Liverpool has been psychologically down since they lost to athletico madrid .. their gameplay has been terrible.

Chelsea needs to up their game to remain there same thing Leicester city. I cant wait to see chelsea next season with their recent sign ins. Ziyech, Werner, and havertz... i can imagine the force

As a Man United fan, I was so happy to see Chelsea and Leicester lose on the same day. It was like a gift from God.

Messi is 33 years old and I can't wait for him to retire.

Best thing about football these days is that there's a game to watch almost everyday.