Steemit still is my extra income

in palnet •  9 months ago 

Although my time to invest in steemit or so called crypto is very limited, but day by day i still receive few here and there.

It is really a proven things that I joined two years back is the right thing.

Although now I am really desperate in need big amount of Money to settle a lot of things, but too bad the market value of Steem is still very low.

But after Steem Engine and SMT realease, I am very positive to see it will grow.

I know I will regret to not catching up to earn more and more before it rise, I also really hope my time will be more stable to learn more in crypto things.

Thank you everyone that help me along this journey, you know who you are.

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  ·  9 months ago (edited)

How you make 587 Steempower?!?! is that a lot of rewards stacked up for a whole month?!?!



but forget SMT we will use EOS!

EOSPORTS or maybe @telosfoundation and telos WPS will help us get TELOSPORTS