Trophy Hunting Paradise. Hayden Outdoors.

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I know many of you have seen my past posts about hunting at "The Bank" with Hayden Outdoors but this is their office! What a cool place to work.

One of my favorite places in this office is "The Valut".....yes the office location is also an old bank. The vault is a place for drinks and celebrations for closing real estate deals. Hayden Outdoors is actually a large farm and ranch real estate company but, they spend many of hours in the field chasing wild game.

Look how cool this old vault door is.

Big fish, Elk and wild game are literally mounted everywhere thought this old bank. Everything you see has been harvested by me and my friends over many years of hunting.

I'm on my way to Nebraska to phesant hunt with the Hayden family once again and it's always nice to make a pit stop in here on the way to our hunting lodge in Nebraska. Stay tuned for more pictures and videos of the hunt this weekend.

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wow boss its a nice decoration.i lik it so much

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That's a lovely room of death you have there!!!

To me? Way cool. To the vegans? I'm sharing it just to prove a point. I don't have to bow to their abuse and demands over what I post or my opinions...

So... I'm voting and sharing this. You have massive amounts of respect for the food source you have. And spend time butchering and using it.

Biggest complaint I have with vegans is the hypocrisy of appreciation of your food.

May your meals be blessed and your hunt successful. May your shot be true and clean.

That vault door is bad ass


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Bendecido dia para usted amigo,me impacto mucho esos bellos adornos de pared,las cabezas de venado muy hermosas siempre las he admirado,espero contar con su visita,hasta otra oportunidad muy pronto,saludos y un abrazo desde venezuela

damn that was interesting to look around thanks for sharing :)

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