Bale : A Stay or Exist Saga

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Like the tale of 2 cities the realmadrid star is set to leave or stay. Ongoing speculations are drifting to the side that he would stay. Manager Zidane gave the Welsh dragon a piece of footballing action against Arsenal where he got the first goal to an incredible comeback against the North London club that enede in 2 - 2 in a pre-season game.

Could the playing time against Arsenal be a stepping stone for a possinle stay for Bale?
Or was it a chance for him to prove himself for the club.

Gareth Bale since signing for the club has been vital to securing 4 UEFA Champions league for the Spanish giants.

Although the Bernabeau faithful are crying for his exit from the club. Bale has beem Perez star signing but Zidane has other plans for the squad which may not include Gareth Bale.

Realmadrid has a hive of lethal talent upfront. It is no news that Bale and Zidane has had some conflicts however Zidane says he is still with us but his future may not be with the Spanish whites

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No one can tell until the last transfer market day. Am a huge fan of Bale but I think his time at Madrid has come to an end. He's an injury prone.

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