Engaging In Sport Activity Without Help From Public School

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One of the common criticisms for homeschooling is that the children being homeschooled are not going to be "socialized properly" and that they likely won't partake in activities with other children, or sports, which some might assume is an opportunity that comes with attending public school alone, or some other similarly structured alternative.

The truth is that many homeschooled children have been and can be just as socialized as their peers that attend public school.

There are many ways for children to engage in community organizations and sports, despite never attending public school like many other children have. While homeschooling isn't legal in every jurisdiction around the world, you can still find many families in the United States who are choosing to raise their children this way.

It's estimated that more than 3 million kids are currently being homeschooled in the United States.

Many homeschool advocates today are parents who simply want an alternative for their family and the individual needs of their child, which a great deal admit aren't being efficiently met by the school system today.

Not only are homeschooled children able to be properly socialized but they can thrive academically, even be accepted to a myriad of well-known universities and colleges around the country. Previous investigations into academic success for homeschooled students has found that many of them graduate college at a higher rate than their peers.

To help fill the need for sports, it's easy today for families to connect with other homeschooling families in their own community or other regions. Or they can also seek out other sports activities in their communities, even though they don't attend a regular school. To help meet that need, there are a variety of people working in the United States and elsewhere that have sought to establish networks for homeschool children to find one another to engage in various athletic programs. Whether it be connecting through social media sites or websites focused on the mission specifically, there are many resources available and ways for kids to stay active.

Staying Connected As A Family

Previous studies have found that students are likely to be more engaged when they spend time in nature and outdoors and it's easy for children being homeschooled today to do that and create whatever sort of learning space that they want, which helps to improve the chances that they'll engage in intrinsic learning, not only enjoying the experience more but also hopefully being able to retain more of the information as well. The kids aren't the only ones that enjoy it either, as studies have shown that more outdoor learning might help current teachers to enjoy their job duties more. For homeschooling families that involve parents being more in-tune with the education process for their child, researchers also suggest that it's been shown to likely promote less concentration problems and behavioral issues later in life.

There are many ways to pursue education today and to find and engage in physical activity and sports that someone might be interested in, even though they might not attend a formal school setting like many others are used to doing during their childhood years.

Every individual should have the freedom to select their own educational path, what's right for their own family, rather than having one or a few options that are forced onto them as many still have today. For many families, homeschooling is what's right for them and it offers an alternative that can be accessed in such a way as to give more freedom to families and individuals to study and learn in a way that works best for them.


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There's probably a much better atmosphere in sports that children elect to do outside of school, because it's generally something they choose to do, rather than it being forced upon them like school often is. Children will be guaranteed to have at lest that one common interest and won't be as likely to resent being there. Not always, of course, but they can usually quit the sport if its not working for them.

yes that is the best part, quitting something that is what they don't want to invest their time and attention in✌️and putting it somewhere else that will be more fruitful😊