The release of the power of God

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Getting people healed is a smaller task in the kingdom works but getting people saved is the bigger task. The purpose of GOD in our life is to take charge. Matthew 8 vs 1-3. Jeremiah 8 vs 22. Our God is a God of sudden deads.

What release God power is faith. What release Faith is hearing and hearing the word of God. John 11 vs 41. Thanksgiving is one of the greatest prove that you are in faith.

You don't get the miracle power of God trying to try. We are not only prepare to receive the supernatural miracles but we are also prepared to demonstrate the supernatural miracles.

Only the violence can take the power if God. Build up your faith and you will experience the supernatural power of God. God want us to move in the supernatural realm of the spirit.
1 Corinthians 6 vs 20. If you believe that you are a sinner even if you are a believer, you will continue to sin.

Recognise that every sickness is of the oppression of the devil. Luke 13 vs 10. When you see trouble, you are destined to set them free. There is no depression in heaven, there should not be sorrow here.

It us ridiculous for a messenger to attempt taking a force for his boss to take order from him.

The master key to enjoy a blessing is to be a blessing.


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