Battle Of The Red This Sunday. Can Liverpool Break The Jinx?image/svg+xml

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This coming Sunday at Anfield Liverpool football club will be playing host to Manchester United as they will be slogging it out between them for the 3 point at stake.

This promise to be an interesting encounter between the two Reds. At stake for Liverpool is their unbeaten run and at stake for Manchester United is their status or record of breaking or stopping the unbeaten run record of a team.

They did against Arsenal football club at Old Trafford and also did it against Chelsea Football club at Old Traffic too.

Arsenal were on the verge of going 50 games without a loss and Chelsea were 40 game unbeaten but at Old Trafford Manchester United put a stop to their run.

Now at Anfield the question is can Manchester United replicate that feat away at Anfield against Hot fire Liverpool football club?

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