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RE: The Re-Hive Contest - Results Week 8 & Start Week 9

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Hola @pixresteemer. Estoy muy contento de haber Sido seleccionado en tu concurso, muchas gracias a @melinda010100 por hacer posible esta alianza y muchas gracias a @taskmanager por los tokens donados. Un saludo desde Colombia.

Hello @pixresteemer. I am very happy to have been selected in your contest, many thanks to @melinda010100 for making this alliance possible and many thanks to @taskmanager for the donated tokens. Greetings from Colombia.


Congrats @juancho10! Make some great posts this week to take advantage of those re-hives! ❤️

Siii de seguro haré buenas publicaciones está semana. Un abrazo.

Yes, I will surely make good posts this week. A hug.