14 Weeks of NextColony, Game ON - nearly 400 Ships!


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Big Updates did hit us today, and I'm very excited to be part of the first Season on NC!

The first NC Season 'Nemesis' starts on
November 15, 2019 20:00:00 UTC

gameover2.pngAfter 14 Weeks on my first Planet, while I was playing 2-Times a day for (5-10Min) and lately for around a few hours now and then, I was nearly Game Over, but The Game is on again!

1 Planet only (still )

20190901 18_38_44Skills.png
=> 5 Weeks of slow Progression

Meta-Skill Level: lvl. 322! exactly the same production speed as on 231
Coal Mine (14) +1120.00 / Day (+46.67 / Hour)
Ore Mine (16) +640.00 / Day (+26.67 / Hour)
Copper Mine (16) +320.00 / Day (+13.33 / Hour)
Uranium Mine (16) +160.00 / Day (+6.67 / Hour)

I had to focus on upgrading depos and Research Center, since I was under constant siege.

The last patch was very good to me!

I was able to max ship skills for Scout, Patrol and Cutter, while my Corvette skill is currently at Level 16. I also bought the Blueprints for these 4 Ships.

Five weeks ago I thought:

...maybe 2020. MAYBE - more like never.** Even if I'd be able to build ships at the End of the year, they will get destroyed in a timeframe of 2-3 hours. **So I don't think I'll ever have a fleet.

Now I produce ~12 small ships a day which makes it possible for me to defend myself a little. Soon Corvettes of 2 type will join my fleet and I'll be stable against 'small' plunder raids.

On Top of that, I bought another ~400 bigger ships yesterday, they will join my fleet in between 2 and 4 weeks from today. I need to search the Galaxy for new planets very soon and I am looking for strong allies with a similar attitude. If you feel like teaming up, just leave a comment and we'll get in touch.

The last Updates have been great @nextcolony !

I really thought that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, still, that might be the case, but it looks very much like there is at least a candle.

20190815 05_22_14Stardust.png

5 Days after having my first Ships, this happened:

  • player called 'mancer-sm-alt' attacked me with over 200Ships
  • I lost ships for ~110 Steem
  • then he sieged me
  • AND STILL DOES THAT EASY, CUZ HE IS the 3rd most powerful player in NC

But, I upgraded my depos and research center to level where I can at least prevent fatal damage of every attack. Still my own ship production is totally worthless, so I decided to buy some from --> @flauwy whom I can just recommend as a business partner.


So what can I do now?

Even a @mancer-sm-alt can't fight the whole galaxy on his own and I'm willing to damage him as much as I can, to get my justice. He was willing to kill all my bought fleet on my low level planet, farm me beyond logics and killer me out of the game. Well you made yourself an enemy and I'm not going to let lose.

20191007 03_25_52Ranking.png

  • I'll make attack on me a minutes deal
  • harass your planets
  • steal/bind resources of you permanently

20 of me and your done and I'm kinda sure there are more players you served like this. That might be my first target as Space Pirate, getting him down, even if just for a bit.

What the frick:
Why does an attack on a low level planet still give an uranium plus, even if there should be no loot at all considering that 'safe'? And why are attacks still so cheap? There should be a default chance to hit a 'Space Storm' and lose ships attached to any attack or exploration, that actually destroys ships on senseless missions.


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If something interesting happens, I'll update again. For the next 2 Weeks, it's kinda idle:

Owner: manniman
Coordinates: -75/-511

GGL in NC,
see you soon Space-Cowboys and Space-Cowgirls.

Best Regards, Manni

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