5 Weeks of Nextcolony, Review after 5Hours Gameplay, What is achievable? (Part:4)

Authored by @ManniMan
20190721 21_10_11Skills.pngAfter 5 Weeks on my first Planet, while I was playing 2-Times a day for (5-10Min), so around 5 hours actual playtime. This is how far I made it. While I really have to say, once a day is atm enough for me. Since I can afford very few Upgrades and then I'm broke again --_--

1 Planet only

20190808 01_48_25Skills.png

Meta-Skill Level: lvl. 193
Coal Mine (11) +1045.00 / Day (+43.55 / Hour)
Ore Mine (11) +603.00 / Day (+25.13 / Hour)
Copper Mine (11) +282.00 / Day (+11.78 / Hour)
Uranium Mine (11) +140.70 / Day (+5.86 / Hour)

How long till I can make ships?
I'm 60% done with the Corvette Tech Tree, but I still need Level20 on that to create my first Ships. My Shipyard is already on level 13, so it needs just one more Level up. But in the end, I might just buy some ships before I get to produce them myself. Generating fuel seems way easier then teching all the way. At this Point I really have to start expanding, even if I'm not quiet there yet.

20190808 01_48_07Skills.png

Upgrades really start to take a lot of time ~12-16Hours.

Question is where can I get ships? The Fleet Token seems dead?! @flauwy @nextcolony
20190808 01_54_40Steem Engine  Smart Contracts on the STEEM blockchain.png

Try to find LIVE in this Chart :p

My Tipp at this Point is:
Good things need time, but you really should take these 5Min. at least once every day.

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Best Regards, Manni


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