9 Weeks of Nextcolony, Game Over now.

gameover2.pngAfter 9 Weeks on my first Planet, while I was playing 2-Times a day for (5-10Min) and lately for around a few hours now and then. This is why I'm game over now.

1 Planet only (forever)

20190901 18_38_44Skills.png

Meta-Skill Level: lvl. 231!
Coal Mine (14) +1120.00 / Day (+46.67 / Hour)
Ore Mine (16) +640.00 / Day (+26.67 / Hour)
Copper Mine (16) +320.00 / Day (+13.33 / Hour)
Uranium Mine (16) +160.00 / Day (+6.67 / Hour)

How long till I can make ships?
Three weeks ago I thought:

I'm still around 60% done with the Corvette Tech Tree, but I still need Level20 on that to create my first Ships. My Shipyard is already on level 13, so it needs just one more Level up.

Now I know, maybe 2020. MAYBE - more like never. Even if I'd be able to build ships at the End of the year, they will get destroyed in a timeframe of 2-3 hours. So I don't think I'll ever have a fleet.

I bought 58 Ships!

Three weeks ago, I decided to buy some ships, 18 Corvettes and 40 Frigates. So I started to fly some manual attacks on main planets in my area and oh boy - that escalated quickly.

20190815 05_22_14Stardust.png

5 Days after having my first Ships, this happened:

  • player called 'mancer-sm-alt' attacked me with over 200Ships
  • I lost ships for ~110 Steem
  • then he sieged me
  • now he and his boys declared my planet as their private farmland

Finally he stationed 95 Covettes at one of his planets near me and just runs over me few times a day. These are automated attacks and he doesn't care how much he can achieve, because they really are super cheap to fly and somewhere in the close future I'll give in completely and then all my production will be his loot.

20190901 19_02_14Missions.png


So what can I do?

Well there are things I can do:

  • charge the shield every first day, activate the shield ever second day
  • make upgrades on the bunker and research center

So we don't have a problem here?
The real problem is, that I don't progress anymore and I'm stuck on defending and upgrading defense buildings. Eventually, I might be able to build ships next year, also I don't see a way to start exploring and even if I did... I'd lose my explorers all the time. Even if I were able to somehow find a planet (very unlikely) they would just add my other planets to their automated attack route?! pffffff seems not worth my time... I think I'm close to gone for good and my planet may stay back as just another dead farm.

What the frick:
The attack costs are too low for a game that tolerates automated attack routes. Other Browser games solved that in different ways. NC seems to have lost control over that part of the game. I can't find a suitable way back into the game at the moment.


This Problem is quiet old and I don't belive that it will be fixed. It also feels super common for the Steem enviroment. If you check Steem Statistics from time to time, you'll notice that the biggest part of new user accounts just leave insteantly again and still the talk is only about onboaring or technical progres.
Before the Steem price doesn't hit 1Cent or below, the danger of being toxic for new / small members of the community won't be taken serious.

My Last Post on NextColony:

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9-Weeks Review---

If something interesting happens, I'll update again. For the close future my Planet stays farmland:

Owner: manniman
Coordinates: -75/-511

GG and Byebye NC.

(btw. seems like NC lost around 10% of active players only this month -> https://steemweb.pl/statistics/next-colony)

Best Regards, Manni

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Eventually, I might be able to build ships next year, also I don't see a way to start exploring and even if I did... I'd lose my explorers all the time. Even if I were able to somehow find a planet (very unlikely) they would just add my other planets to their automated attack route?! pffffff seems not worth my time...

Lucky you, you realized quicker than me that this game cannot offer any fun game play because it was killed by bots and the developers just don't care about that. I have wasted much more time than you, to get to that conclusion :(


This was the scrupulous intent of the game devs, it seems.

When I read the production, engagement and loot rules of Next Colony, I knew it will be bloody, selfless, non-interesting; just the opposite of the* "race to your first planet" *nice story telling.

Game rules meant that attacks will be cheap, bloody, and that the players who dedicated a so long time building up, will never have that *"personal investment" *back.

Also... and this sounds like the worst: a survey was made before the feature was released and people voted for very limited loot; but the devs went the opposite route.

The status of bots in a public database of planets and ships was "thriving"; contrary to this, to obtain anything and find their first planet, live players on the other hand would have to stay loyal for whole months, and do the same thing over and over.

To have cheap attacks whereas building up your colony and trying to find your first planet is already so long (meaning: weeks), while you can't do anything else, is bad and selfless.

And while inactive players are certainly be like 98 % of the space around us, active players on the other hand are easily targeted and razed.

This was written. By the devs. :-/